Barbara Beckley

Purpose and Social Media Strategist

You Have a Diamond In You Just Let It Shine

  • Professional Keynote Speaker
  • 7 Time Best Selling Author
  • Purpose and Social Media Strategist
  • TV Producer and Host
  • CEO of the Diamond Factor LLC

Barbara Beckley is all about your PPD:


She helps women overcome challenges in their business and personal life. Barbara’s motto is “Everyone has a Diamond Factor”.

Barbara’s diamond shines in spite of her father’s murder, sexual abuse and cancer. She can help you  with internal pain, insecure, and searching for your purpose. Barbara knows and understands the many masks you wear in your daily life.

 THE DIAMOND FACTOR will create a diamond within you.

Barbara has a  Degree in Accounting, Business Management, and Health Administrative. She is an award winning and high achieving leader in Toastmasters International Organization including that included creating educational presentations, training, and opportunities for over 5500 members and beyond.

Barbara’s list of services include:

  • Webinars training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Seminars
  • Promo interviewing
  • Business coaching
  • Social Media coaching 

 As a cancer conquer, she’s an active member of “Chemobuddies 4life,” a 501c3 corporation that serves and supports cancer patients and survivors.

Barbara can be found all over Social Media, where she loves connecting and sharing tips, strategies on
all things concerning your purpose and growth.


  • Educate, inspire, and empower women to increase their personal and business life.
  • Diamond Factor, LLC assists in promoting and giving opportunities to showcase special talents, gifts, and their “why factor” to increase their exposure and branding.
  • Barbara’s passion to help women with their businesses and personal mission has created a platform under the Diamond Spotlight that helps with interview recordings, Facebook lives, and assisting with educational videos. 
  • With packages that give more exposure to assist in gaining more client and building up more followers within social media.
  • The motto “Your have a Diamond in You” is a statement that empowers women to find the diamond in them while finding their special gifts, talent, and purpose.
  • Diamond Factor creates a space for everyone to shine out to the world and gives opportunities to grow and learn.

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